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a dog bakery with dogs in front of it
Brooklyn Bakery Sale price$29.00
la favorite paris with a white frameframed photo of dogs in paris
Café Culture Sale priceFrom $95.00
cod liver oil bottle with a purple label
Cod Liver Oil for Dogs Sale price$25.00
a man wearing a dog dad shirt
Dog Dad Shirt Sale price$30.00
Dog Mom Shirt
Dog Mom Shirt Sale price$30.00
dog probiotics with a pink label
Dog Probiotics Sale price$45.00
two dogs in front of eiffel towereiffel dower photo with dogs
Eiffel Tower Proposal Sale priceFrom $95.00
Mesa Eco-friendly Tote Bag
dogs in a park in new york city
Park Picnic Sale price$29.00
Save $7.00
three jigsaw puzzles stacked on top of one anotherPuzzle Bundle
Puzzle Bundle Sale price$80.00 Regular price$87.00
Puzzle Glue & Spreading Toolvideo of puzzle glue being applied to a jigsaw puzzle
a yellow jar of quercetin chews for dogs
Quercetin for Dogs Sale price$45.00
seine photo main whiteframed photo above a counter
Riverside Rendezvous Sale priceFrom $95.00
dog photo framed with light bulb next to itpicture of dogs in paris framed
Romance on The Seine Sale priceFrom $95.00
jigsaw puzzle of dogs on a stoop in brooklyn
Stoop Chillin' Sale price$29.00
boulangerie in paris photo frameda photo of dogs sitting in front of a cafe in paris
The Boulangerie Sale priceFrom $95.00
salmon oil for dogs orange label

This Dog Pack Gives Back

We donate a portion of our sales to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—headquartered right here in NYC. That’s your cue, Sarah McLachlan.

Made From Recycled Paper

Puzzle pieces are made from high-quality, sustainably-sourced paper.

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