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If you are an energetic person looking for an energetic canine companion, a Belgian Malinois might be the perfect breed for you. They are loyal, highly intelligent, versatile dogs that require lots of training and exercise, but if you're up for the task they can be well worth it. In this blog we will be covering everything about this historic breed, from physical characteristics to health considerations, and even training requirements. Buckle up (or should we say put your leash on), and let's dive in!

The Origins of the Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois breed originates guessed it, Belgium! And that is Malines, Belgium, to be exact. Dating back to the late 19th century (the late 1800s) this breed was developed to help farmers herd and manage livestock. The Belgian Malinois' drive, intelligence, speed and agility made them a critical part of Belgian farm life. 

Beginning in the late 20th century, the breed began to be utilized outside of farm life, namely police and military forces made use of their keen tracking and protection abilities. The Belgian Malinois continues to serve such roles today, proving their athleticism and reliability. 

The Unique Physical Characteristics of the Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a medium to large-sized dog with a striking, distinctive appearance (we would also use the word handsome). A male is typically between 24-26 inches tall at shoulder height and 55 to 75 lbs. Females can be 22 to 24 inches by the same measurement, and a bit lighter - 40 to 60 lbs.

Their erect, forward facing ears and almond-shaped eyes make them appear to have an alert, intelligent expression, which matches their physical aptitude to be be excellent guard dogs, as well as adept search-and-rescue dogs.

The Belgian Malinois Temperament

A dog's temperament is a key element to consider when trying to figure out if a dog will be a good fit for your household. It can not be emphasized enough - Belgian Malinois are highly energetic (many owners attest to the fact that it is almost impossible to wear them out). They are also one of the most loyal dogs you will find, protective of their family and eager to please (they can be equally indifferent/aloof toward strangers). Their intelligent, and fast learners who can be trained quickly for many tasks.

Early and frequent socialization is vital to make sure they become well-adjusted as adults. Because they have strong protective instincts, it is important to point these instincts in the right way, so the instincts do not become a negative (reactive, aggressive behavior towards all strangers).

Another aspect to think about (pun intended) is their need for mental. Like humans, this breed can get board (and can even become destructive) if not stimulated and engaged regularly. Consistent playtime, both mental and physical, is a non-negotiable with a Belgian Malinois.

Training Your Belgian Malinois for Success

It is vital to start training your Malinois from a young age, focusing on basic commands (like sit, stay, and recall). Obedience training is crucial to ensure they remain well-behaved in various situations. Engaging in activities like agility, obedience trials, or even scent work can provide mental stimulation and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Socialization is equally important - exposing your Malinois to different people, dogs, places, and experiences to help them become confident and well-rounded adults. A well-socialized Malinois is more likely to handle new situations with ease and grace.

Exercise Needs of the Belgian Malinois

It may be impossible to find a more energetic dog than a Belgian Malinois. They have an intense physical drive and need regular, vigorous exercise. Without this, they can quickly become restless, anxious, and develop behavioral issues. 

How much is enough? Some say an hour each day, but this should be a bare minimum. An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening would be more adequate. Running, playing fetch, and hiking are all good ideas for exercise.

These intelligent creatures also need to be stimulated mentally with different interactive games.

If your schedule does not allow for the time required for a Belgian Malinois' exercise needs or if you are not disciplined enough to keep up with them, it may be best to look for another breed.

Remember, a tired Malinois is a happy Malinois. Providing outlets for their energy ensures they remain calm and content when indoors.

Grooming Your Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois have a short coat, so grooming them is fairly straightforward. They are year-round shedders, however, and shedding becomes heavier when seasons change. As with any dog that sheds, regular brushing can help.

Grooming or bathing a Malinois should happen typically every few months, depending on what activities they engage in on a regular basis (how dirty they are getting). Belgian Malinois, like cats, are known to groom themselves, which usually prevents them from having a strong odor.

Health Considerations for the Belgian Malinois

Like all breeds, the Belgian Malinois is prone to certain health issues. Responsible breeding practices can help mitigate some of these concerns, but it's essential to be aware of potential health problems.

Hip and elbow dysplasia are common in larger breeds, including the Malinois. Another condition to watch for is progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), which can lead to vision loss. Reputable breeders test for PRA and other genetic conditions to ensure healthier puppies.

Feeding Your Belgian Malinois

Proper nutrition is key for the health and happiness of any dog, particularly an athletic dog like a Belgian Malinois. Choose a high-quality dog food, and be aware of any food sensitivities, which can develop and vary from dog to dog (just like in humans).

Belgian Malinois and Family Life

Belgian Malinois can make wonderful family pets, but they may not be the best fit for every household. Their high energy levels and need for stimulation mean they thrive in active homes where they can participate in various activities.

If you have children, it's essential to teach them how to interact with the dog safely and respectfully. Supervise playtime to prevent any accidental roughhousing. Malinois can be protective of their family, so proper training and socialization are crucial to ensure they get along well with other pets and visitors.

When raised in a loving and structured environment, Belgian Malinois can form strong bonds with their human family members and provide loyal companionship for years to come.

Belgian Malinois and Their Sense of Smell

Belgian Malinois are known for their outstanding sense of smell. This makes them perfect for any role that requires fine scent detection. This could be anything from tracking down a wanted suspect (or missing person), detecting drugs, or even explosives. A Belgian Malinois is the right dog for the job!

Belgian Malinois as Therapy Dogs

Despite how energetic a Belgian Malinois is (which makes them ideal for more working roles), their intelligence and and strong bond with their handlers can also allow them to become excellent therapy dogs, comforting those in need.


The Belgian Malinois is no doubt a high-performing, stand out breed that has a distinctive, elegant look. They are known for their blend of energy, intelligence and loyalty, which is why many police and military personal continue to employ them.

Because of their athletic genes, they require more exercise than most dogs. They also require more diligent training and proactive socialization than other dogs, because they are so protective by nature.

Hopefully, by understanding the breed's history and characteristics (both mental and physical), you will be able to make a sound decision about whether a Belgian Malinois is a good fit for you household!


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