Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? A Berry Sweet Treat for Your Furry Friend

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Strawberries are one of the best fruits out there. That is a fact, not an opinion (half kidding). But strawberries are delicious, and we’re assuming you agree if you have landed on this blog. If you eat strawberries frequently, you may have wondered if you can toss a few to your bff – your pup. Great question, and one that we will clear up today. In this blog, we will explore if dogs eat strawberries (and in what forms), their potential benefits, and the risks. Let’s sink our teeth into this topic!

Are Strawberries Safe for Dogs to Consume?

First and foremost, yes, strawberries are generally safe for dogs to have. These nutrient-dense little red gems can even be beneficial for your doggo!

What Are Strawberries Known for Nutritionally?

Berries across the board are some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can find, and strawberries are no exception. High in antioxidants, including vitamin C, strawberries can provide a boost to the immune system. Research has also indicated strawberry consumption can play a role in reducing both oxidative stress and inflammation (inflammation and oxidative stress can be indicators and precursors to disease). In addition to vitamin C and antioxidants, strawberries are a rich source of fiber and folate. Those are a lot of benefits packed into a little, sweet package, if you ask us!

Why Moderation is Key

We know, we just told you all the benefits of strawberries, but for dogs eating them moderation is key. Dogs can’t eat an entire bowl of strawberries like humans. If a dog eats too many strawberries, they are likely to get an upset stomach. Plus, strawberries are high in sugar, which also is not great for dogs. So – strawberries are okay, but moderation!

Allergic Reactions

Just like people, dogs can have food sensitivities or worse, allergic reactions. While allergies to strawberries are uncommon, it is important to keep an eye out for signs of an allergic reaction, especially if you are feeding your dog strawberries for the first time. Signs of allergies could include breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal distress (like diarrhea), and excessive itching. If you notice any of these symptoms, call your veterinarian immediately.

How to Safely Serve Strawberries

Fresh and Clean

For the reasons mentioned above (strawberries are a part of the “dirty dozen”), washing them thoroughly to remove and herbicides and pesticides is crucial. Organic strawberries are a better option, if it is not cost-prohibitive for you.

Are Strawberries Part of the Dirty Dozen?

Strawberries, unfortunately, are part of a group of fruits and vegetables dubbed the “Dirty Dozen.” These dozen fruits and veggies contain the highest residual amounts of pesticides, which can be harmful to both humans and animals to consume. Before you freak out, and throw the strawberries in the trash, it is important to consider the following:

The benefits of strawberries can outweigh the risks of them being “dirty” with residual amounts of pesticides.

If you can, buy organic to avoid pesticides on your strawberries altogether.

If going organic does not fit your budget, there are ways to wash your vegetables really well (like soaking them in baking soda) to get them as clean as possible.

Proper Portion Size

Less is more, in more than one way. Strawberries should be served only in small amounts (think a few chunks) and should be cut in small, bite-sized pieces to prevent choking, especially for small dogs.

No Additives or Preservatives – Check Labels!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where a lot of food has additives and preservatives. Read ingredient labels to ensure you are not giving your dog strawberries with any sugar, syrup, or any other additives. Plain, fresh strawberries are the way to go for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Freeze-Dried Strawberries?

Yes, they absolutely can. Plus, freeze dried snacks can be easy to pack and carry with you.

Just be sure they do not have any preservatives or added sugar, which could wreak havoc on your dog’s digestive system. No one likes an upset stomach!

Fun Ways to Serve Strawberries to Your Dog

Frozen Treats

Maybe you will disagree, but we think frozen fruit is a real treat. It is a cool, super refreshing treat, especially during the summer. And it is pretty easy to do – just wash, cut and put your strawberries in the freezer for an hour or more, and voila – your dog will thank you!

Strawberry Puree

If you are feelin’ creative, you can puree or mash strawberries, and mix the mash in your your dog’s food for some extra flavor (and nutrition). Again, a small amount will suffice (don’t overdo it).

Strawberry Dog Treats

Okay, say you have some time on your hands – it’s the weekend and you need a little DIY project. Why not try making homemade dog treats with strawberries? Simply google “dog treat recipes with strawberries” – you will get a bunch of results to choose from. The great news is there are plenty of other dog-safe ingredients like oats, peanut butter, and yogurt that combine well with strawberries!

Potential Risks of Feeding Strawberries to Dogs


This is where most dog owners go wrong with any treats – they simply feed their dogs too much. Dogs cannot eat the same amount as humans of a lot of foods (as much as they may try to communicate otherwise!) Feeding your dog too many strawberries can only lead to trouble (i.e. digestive issues, and fast). Stick to small portions!

Pesticides and Chemicals on Strawberries

An inconvenient truth is that non-organic strawberries are treated with chemicals that are not meant to be consumed. Obviously, these chemicals can be harmful to your dog (and you). If you can, opt for organic strawberries to minimize pesticide exposure. If you don’t go organic (and even if you do purchase organic strawberries), wash your strawberries thoroughly before feeding them to your dog.

Signs Your Dog Enjoys Strawberries

Eagerness to Eat

While this may not be rocket science, if your dog eagerly gobbles down the strawberries you hand them, they probably enjoy them!

Improved Energy Levels

If your dog seems to have more energy post-strawberry consumption, this is another good sign that they like them, and that strawberries agree with their system!


In small amounts, strawberries are not only safe for dogs to eat, but they can also be a great source of vitamins and minerals to help boost your pup’s health. To do things right, wash strawberries (we like to soak our produce in baking soda), and then cut them into small, bite-sized pieces, so they are not choking hazards. Lastly, avoid processed versions of strawberries that may contain assed sugars or preservatives.


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