The BK Dog Pack


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

DOB: 8/10/2020

"Max is obsessed with the ball, playing fetch and treats. He also loves puddles, swimming, birds, and is easily distracted. He's super friendly and loves all dogs and humans and typically wants to say hi to everyone."


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

DOB: 3/2017

"Millie loves bothering her brother James, going on walks, receiving hugs, and just hanging out. She is a big fan of tug-of-war, and she looves chasing squirrels (but more recently she has been hunting rats - it's bad."


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

DOB: 10/23/2020

"Gambit loves to sit on laps and play with his brother Woodstock. He is not especially into squirrels or bikes or anything...despite his size he's a very beta dog and aggression really can scare him (from other dogs or humans)."


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

DOB: 4/23/2021

"Louise loves running in the woods and chasing squirrels! Also playing with her brother (my parents have one of her litter mates). She is crazy for squirrels! She will take off after them. Louise is interested in whatever it is that you’re eating and will perform tricks without being asked. It's very cute."


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

DOB: 1/31/2020

"His favorite activities are off leash hours, hikes, running at the beach, and playing with friends (he’s wildly social). He is very nonreactive, and is pretty well- traveled, so he’s been exposed to lots of things and is relatively chill. He’s also pretty opinionated, and known to just lay down when he gets too hot or wants to walk a different direction. He also loves to steal a ball. All in all, he’s a pretty good guy."


Hometown: New York, NY

DOB: 11/14/2018

"Alfie loves the cold and the snow! He is usually down for anything and everything, at all times. His favorite activities include chasing squirrels and barking at trucks. He also loves stealing his mom and dad's socks when they aren’t looking!"


Hometown: Orange County, CA

DOB: 11/22/2010

"She is a southern California transplant, and you can tell she misses the dry heat - she likes to sun herself and sleep in a sunny spot. She also enjoys hiking and sticking her head out of the window while in the car. In her younger years she would get everyone to chase her at the park but nowaways she plays for about ten minutes and is content to sleep the rest of the day."