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a dog behind a green curtain

Anxiety Vests for Dogs; Do they Work? A Howl Lot of Hype or a Pawsitive Solution?

Discover how to soothe your furry friend's anxiety with our guide to anxiety vests for dogs. From choosing the right vest to creating a calming introduction, we cover everything you need for a stre...

raw sweet potato

Can Dogs Eat Raw Sweet Potatoes? The Raw Truth

Discover the dos and don'ts of feeding sweet potatoes to your dog. Learn to safely prepare this nutritious treat for your pet, and understand the risks of raw sweet potatoes.

husky reading a book

DIY Brain Games for Dogs: Keep Your Pup's Mind Sharp

Boost your dog's brain power with easy DIY dog games! Engage their minds with puzzles & activities designed to stimulate and challenge. Perfect for all dog breeds and ages.

mesa puzzle with a draw string bag

Are Puzzles Good for ADHD? Could They be the Missing Piece?

Explore the intriguing connection between puzzles and managing ADHD in our comprehensive guide. Discover how these brain teasers may enhance focus, cognitive abilities, and offer a unique strategy ...

a dog relaxing with cucumber slices over his eyes

Puppy Chill Pill: How to Calm Dog Anxiety Naturally

Explore effective, natural ways to soothe your dog's anxiety with our comprehensive guide. From exercise routines to CBD oil benefits, discover tips to keep your furry friend calm and happy.

a filet of salmon

Is Salmon Oil Good for Dogs? Paw-some or Paws Off?

Discover the scoop on salmon oil being good for dogs, its health benefits, potential risks, and proper serving sizes. Find out if this omega-3 rich supplement is the tail-wagging addition your pup’...