What to Hang Above My Bed? 4 Unconventional Yet Charming Ideas

a bedroom with wall art

Deciding what to hang above your bed can be a bit like picking the cherry for the top of your ice cream sundae. It’s the crowning glory, the final touch, and the first thing you see in the morning. We all want it to be just right. But how do you strike the perfect balance between personal flair and universal appeal? Fear not, design mavens and homebodies, for we have the just-right concoction of quirk and charm that’ll elevate your bedroom decor game.

Whether you're into dreamy landscapes or quirky portraits, your bedroom wall holds the key to a space that's as unique as you are. And we’re not talking about that off-the-shelf generic art that's just an arm's length away for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. We’ve played Martha Stewart in the lab to concoct four delightfully unusual ideas that are one part elegance, two parts cozy charm, and a whole lot of "Hey, that's cool!"

Are you ready to give your bed's sky the perfect celestial body? Read on, and we’ll sprinkle your room with that extra bit of starlight that's custom-fitted for your sleeping haven.

Idea 1: Quirky Yet Personal Piece by a Local Artist

Hand-painted by somebody in your neighborhood, a local artist knows the cocktail of memories and inspiration that make a home a home. It could be a scenic depiction of that little corner you and your loved one adore, or a chaotic yet charming cityscape that’s home to your bohemian soul. These walls speak, show the world it’s a magnifying glass to the things that make your life colorful.

Idea 2: Celebrate Canine Cuties with 'Dogs in Paris'

a framed photo of dogs in paris

The first kiss of the day isn’t always human. Sometimes, it’s the wet nose of your four-legged friend, eager to start the day. 'Dogs in Paris' framed photos bring the pups, and city that’s always in your dreams, right above your head. Imagine strolling through the city of love captured with dogs in it - timeless, we agree. Oh là là, isn’t that just the way to make your heart swell each morning? Fetch a set of these frames, and every night, Paris will be just a dream away.

Idea 3: The Galaxy Aligned to Your Dreams

You know what’s cooler than just stringing a galaxy mobile above your head? Making it absolutely personal. Galaxy prints and custom star maps aren’t just for professors and poets; they’re for folks who want their dreams to be written among the stars. Get your own custom star map from a date that is significant to you—maybe the day you tied the knot, or when you got that big promotion. Each glimmering light will be a celebration of your personal constellation. Now that's literally what you call 'self-reflection'.

Idea 4: Dreamcatcher Decor with a DIY Twist

 dream catcher on a teal wall

Dreamcatchers aren’t just for sleepless nights and New Age tunes in the background. Scale that up, string up a life-sized one above your bed. And for those who want to add a touch of personal creativity, why not make it a DIY project? Choose the hoop, wrap the fabric, add the strings, and tie the knots. Every bead and feather will be chosen by you, adding another layer of intricate care to the web that’ll catch not just dreams but every gaze that walks into your very personal, magical space.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks. Four bedazzled ideas to cast a web of character and whimsy over the heart of your home. Remember, your bedroom is more than just a place to lay your head; it’s a sanctuary, a memorabilia of your adventures in life. Now go, and pick the cherry. The cherry that makes every sunrise feel like you’ve just unwrapped a surprise gift from the universe.

Remember, while these ideas may provide some artistic direction, the canvas is still your own personal style. Pick or personalize with colors that make your heart dance, and textures that make you instinctively reach out for one last touch before sleep. Because when art hangs above your bed, it’s more than just an eye-catcher; it’s a heartstring-tugger, a mood-setter, a dream-weaver.

And if after reading this, you’re now eyeing the blank wall behind your bed, why not? You’ve got the imagination, you’ve got the inspiration. Now all that’s missing is the touch that only you can give. So don’t overthink it, just go on and make that space sing to your tune. Your bed, and your soul, will thank you for it.

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